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The Importance of Choosing the Right Workbench

There is a vast choice of workbenches available in today’s market. The benefit of which is that you can always be certain to find a workbench which meets your requirements. However, making sure you choose the very best workbench for your needs can become a confusing and complicated task.

At Your Workplace Lifeline we are always here to help!

In this post we shall focus on some of the benefits of purchasing a height adjustable workbench. We have already done the research for you, so that we can provide you with a valuable head start in your decision making process.

Height adjustable workbenches are often a popular choice as they are specifically designed for more demanding work environments such as production lines and factories. They not only provide flexibility, promote good ergonomics and benefit employee’s health, but overall should improve efficiency and productivity benefiting business as well.Height Adjustable Workbench

Top 3 Benefits to Height Adjustable Workbenches

  1. Practicality – The facility to alter the height of individual workbenches allows for users to choose their own ideal working height. This height can also be altered depending on the task, for instance, some tasks may require a standing work position whilst others a sitting position. They are usually height adjustable from 650 – 900mm (please not this can alter depending on the bench).
  2. Ergonomics – Height adjustable workbenches ensure a correct working posture reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury, stooping, overstretching and twisting. They also allow users to regularly change their working positions so that they do not remain in fixed positions for long durations of time. Adopting an incorrect working posture can result in fatigue, discomfort and the risk of injury so it is important to eliminate this from everyday tasks where possible.
  3. Comfort – Height adjustable workbenches are certainly a comfortable choice, allowing employees to take responsibility of their working posture so that they can perform their task easily. Often workbenches are available with optional accessories which allow for the bench to be customised to individual needs, so tools and parts can be positioned easily within reach.

Height adjustable workbenches can be altered electronically, with a manual hand crank or with an Allen key.

Cycle Racks – Helping to make Cycling a viable mode of transport in the UK

Cycle Racks to suit any premises

Cycle Racks to suit any premises

Cost Saver Cycle Racks are a good start.

So, everybody is on a health kick at the moment, right? Well not so fast. Increases in cycling to work over the past year seem to suggest it’s more than just a fad. It’s a lifestyle change.
What are the wider implications on your business? There are many ways you, as an employer / buyer can cater for the evolving needs of your staff. A cost saver cycle rack in terms of simple, secure bike storage whilst at work could be a great start.

Take for example our floor or wall mounted Cost Saver Cycle Racks. Both variations are fully welded. This means they are exceptionally strong. The design is of a minimalist nature. This is intentional to minimise the impact to the aesthetic look of the front façade, sides or rear of your building. Due to these design features the cost of the Cycle Racks are very low and therefore very competitive. If your work involves bike trails in the countryside, these cycle racks are still an excellent option as the impact on the surrounding environment is kept to a minimum.

The floor mounted version needs to be mounted on to concrete for stability and is also available in a 1 bike or 2 bikes configuration. The single bike version can be set more near to obstacles if space is an issue on your premises.

The wall mounted version is for 1 bike each but comes in three different designs. These designs are Scroll, Double “S” or Minimalist. Each wall mounted Cycle Rack can be securely fixed to a wall using screws. There are two versions of each cycle rack. You can choose either a 60˚ or 90˚ angle to the wall position depending on your requirements.

All of our available cycle racks can be viewed here.

As our nation continues to change its view of cycling from sports and leisure to a legitimate mode of transport, the call for products such as cycle racks will increase.

Your business will be looking to purchase as efficiently as possible while at the same time catering for the needs of your staff. Cost Saver Cycle Racks are an ideal start if you have been looking into the health benefits of cycling to work and/or the cost implications to your business.

The Times published an article called “Commuting by bike soars by nearly a fifth” in March 2013. It explains why the rise in popularity and to a lesser extent the government stance moving forward.

You would be better off buying a cycle rack!

You would be better off buying a cycle rack!

As a company Workplace Products prides itself on providing commercial and industrial products that will help boost productivity and promote a healthier lifestyle for the people of our great nation, the UK.

CoSHH Regulations on Hazardous Storage

It is essential in today’s work environment to choose the correct hazardous storage.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (CoSHH) is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health.  Most businesses use substances or products, that are mixtures of substances, which are considered hazardous and could cause potential harm to employees and other people. Some substances are easily recognisable as harmful. But common substances such as paint, bleach, or dust from natural materials may also be harmful. Employees’ exposure to hazardous substances can be prevented or reduced by taking the following simple steps. Firstly, identifying the health hazards and providing suitable control measures. Then, maintaining these control measures and providing information and training for employees or people at risk.

For more in-depth information on CoSHH regulations and how to manage hazardous substances consult the HSE guide ‘Working with Substances Hazardous to Health: A Brief Guide to CoSHH’.

To conform to the CoSHH regulations hazardous substances must also be correctly stored and transported. HSE guidelines state that all hazardous storage should be:

  • Able to contain a leakage or spillage
  • Constructed of non-combustible material
  • Secured against unauthorised access

Workplace Products have a range of CoSHH cabinets and cupboards that ensure the separate storage and transportation of hazardous substances to comply with the CoSHH regulations.

The CoSHH range consists of cupboards ideal for all working environments, such as: hazardous storage cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, Acid and Alkali cupboards and Agrochemical storage cabinets. The hazardous storage cabinets feature:

  • Handles with 2-point locking to ensure that unauthorised access is not grantedHazardous Storage
  • Adjustable spill-retaining galvanised shelves for superior spill management
  • Integral sump for handling spillages through the use of absorbents

In the hazardous storage range there are also available wall mounted cupboards, 500 mm high stands with an adjustable foot for uneven surfaces, and floor chests which have a welded integrated sump, a angled lid to discourage article placement and a hasp and staple lock.

For further information on hazardous storage and CoSHH cabinets please take a look at Workplace Products new website or contact our Sales team.

New Workplace Products Website

We’ve just launched our brand new Workplace Products website!

New workplace products website

Why not go and take a look at and see for yourself?

It’s packed full of everything you’ll need for your business or workplace. Featuring lockers, shelving, workbenches, office furniture and much much more, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

All of our products are easily found via our main navigation bar at the top of the page. Alternatively you can use the powerful search bar functionality to quickly find the products you require.

Buying online from Workplace Products has never been so easy, and our new website is no exception. If you don’t already have an online account with us, simply click ‘My Account’ in the basket area at the top of the website, then hit the big blue button ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT’. It’s that simple!  You’ll be ready to place your order in no-time what so ever.

We’ve worked hard in making your experience on our new site an easy one. If you do have trouble finding a product or you’d like to find out more about a specific product or range, then just simply start a live chat session with one of our friendly sales operatives.

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Via the buttons in the top middle of the site, you also have the option to view a digital version of our 896 page printed catalogue. And if you really like to flick through a catalogue to browse, you can order a printed version to be posted out to you.

What-ever your industry, we look forward to seeing you soon on Workplace Products new website!

What is a Uniform Distributed Load (UDL)?

What is a Uniform Distributed Load (UDL)?

A Uniform Distributed Load (or UDL) is a phrase mainly used by the storage shelving and racking industry to denote how much weight each shelf in a shelving or racking system can safely store. At Workplace Products, we use UDL to help our customers select the correct type of shelving system to suit their requirements, to make sure their new storage shelving stores products evenly across each shelf with no point having a much heavier load that the rest of the shelf.

When to consider a UDL?

When you come to select a new shelving system you’ll have a few things to consider such as what you’ll be storing and where the new system will be installed, plus you’ll also be considering the quantity of items you’ll be storing. These aspects will give you a good indication of the right type of shelving to purchase.

Before you go out and spend, you’ll want to consider the weight of the items you want to store and calculate whether the new system will be able to handle the load. You’ll also want to consider whether the weight of the load the shelf is to take can be distributed evenly across the platform.

uniform distributed load infographic

UDL Infographic

It’s fairly crucial that you calculate the weight of the items to be stored and ensure that the weight can be distributed evenly across the shelf.   A non-uniform distributed load can have a detrimental effect on your business given the safety issues it could generate if not stored evenly.  By not calculating the UDL, the health and safety of your employees is put at risk.

If an employee became injured as the result of uncalculated UDL, it could be considered as negligent and insurance policies could become void.  An uncalculated UDL could also be an expensive mistake to make if the stored goods become damaged and need to be replaced due to the shelving system not having the product weight distributed evenly.

Why is UDL important?

Apart from the health and safety aspects, a correct uniform distributed load across each shelf reduces the stress placed on each shelving beam and upright, ensuring your system stays as good and strong as when it was first installed. We recommend that if your items to be stored come close to the max UDL of the shelf, you look at selecting or switching to a heavier duty storage solution with a larger UDL capacity.

For more information or advise on UDL and selecting the right storage shelving for you, please contact us on 01922 743833 or email us:

GoCabby Pre-Order Offer

Pre-Order your GoCabby today and see how it can help fight theft

With the new GoCabby about to hit the shelves, we decided to take a look at how this new product could help schools hold on to their valuable mobile ICT equipment. Almost half of education establishments have been victims of mobile ICT theft during the last three years, according to new research in the Teaching Times.

The data they have shows that 45 percent of education establishments had mobile devices, such as laptops, music players, and tablets stolen between 2009 and 2011. More than a quarter of establishments (27 percent) had mobile ICT equipment stolen in 2011.

Laptops were the most common device to be stolen over the three year period (42 percent), with an increase in tablet computers being stolen due to their rise in popularity and pricing.

While 83 percent of those surveyed in Teaching Times claim that they have an ICT security policy in place, almost a quarter of these do not include guidelines for physically securing devices to prevent them from being stolen. Also, almost two thirds of education establishments asked have not been given training on how to protect their mobile ICT devices from theft.

From this research, it suggests that theft of tablet computers and other mobile ICT devices from UK schools, colleges and universities is on the rise. Although the reasons for this are unclear, it is likely that the current economic climate and the fact that education establishments are often pools of technology is more than likely to be responsible.

It must be seen as vital that educators have plans and facilities in place to reduce the risk of mobile ICT theft. This should include measures for physically securing laptops and tablets.

Gocabby is the latest product from LapCabby and is designed to securely store, charge and sync up to 16 tablets with or without protective cases. It’s a great solution to the current theft issues educational establishments are facing as the locks of the case are positioned at the top enabling them to be padlocked for added security.

GoCabby pre-order discount

New GoCabby product to securely store and charge your tablet computers

We have a great pre-order offer on the new GoCabby Tablet Computer Trolley, so why not take advantage of the discount and secure your mobile ICT equipment today.

Find GoCabby and other LapCabby products in our Lockers section.

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Welcome to our new Workplace Products blog which will become home to great product advice, information, news and reviews.

If you’ve come directly from our main website then you probably already know who we are! Why not get this blog bookmarked and visit us regularly to get the latest product news and information?  If you’re not that familiar with us then read on. Here’s why you should consider us to be your one-stop-shop for workplace purchases:

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If you prefer to browse offline we also have a 896 page catalogue available on request. It’s packed full of high quality products such as shelving, workbenches, lockers and canteen furniture that will help your workplace run safely, smoothly and productively.

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