The Importance of Choosing the Right Workbench

By | October 18, 2013

There is a vast choice of workbenches available in today’s market. The benefit of which is that you can always be certain to find a workbench which meets your requirements. However, making sure you choose the very best workbench for your needs can become a confusing and complicated task.

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In this post we shall focus on some of the benefits of purchasing a height adjustable workbench. We have already done the research for you, so that we can provide you with a valuable head start in your decision making process.

Height adjustable workbenches are often a popular choice as they are specifically designed for more demanding work environments such as production lines and factories. They not only provide flexibility, promote good ergonomics and benefit employee’s health, but overall should improve efficiency and productivity benefiting business as well.Height Adjustable Workbench

Top 3 Benefits to Height Adjustable Workbenches

  1. Practicality – The facility to alter the height of individual workbenches allows for users to choose their own ideal working height. This height can also be altered depending on the task, for instance, some tasks may require a standing work position whilst others a sitting position. They are usually height adjustable from 650 – 900mm (please not this can alter depending on the bench).
  2. Ergonomics – Height adjustable workbenches ensure a correct working posture reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury, stooping, overstretching and twisting. They also allow users to regularly change their working positions so that they do not remain in fixed positions for long durations of time. Adopting an incorrect working posture can result in fatigue, discomfort and the risk of injury so it is important to eliminate this from everyday tasks where possible.
  3. Comfort – Height adjustable workbenches are certainly a comfortable choice, allowing employees to take responsibility of their working posture so that they can perform their task easily. Often workbenches are available with optional accessories which allow for the bench to be customised to individual needs, so tools and parts can be positioned easily within reach.

Height adjustable workbenches can be altered electronically, with a manual hand crank or with an Allen key.

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